Recap: 700 delegates from 40 countries “energized, encouraged and inspired” at RJ World 2020

RJ World 2020 brought together people from restorative justice and restorative practice initiatives from across the world. Presenters recorded interviews and share them to the eConference website to be viewed throughout the duration of the conference. Delegates interacted via Zoom and online chat.

The 700 delegates have spoken of being re-inspired, challenged, amazed and energised. Here are some of the reflections that have come in.

Thank you so much for an amazing event! 

Joakim Hope Soltveit, Norway

The theme that stood out for me through the conference was that restorative work is an expansive continuum.  The RJ World 2020 Conference beautifully brought out the multipronged potency of restorative work.  The continuum  begins with how we relate to ourselves, extends to our relationships, and to transforming systems.

Arti Mohan, India

The format was fantastic – I’m in Australia so a very different time zone to most. I really appreciated the opportunity to engage with so much of the content without having to get up in the middle of the night.

Lucy Evans, Australia

I really loved seeing some huge names in such an intimate setting… So many can’t afford to travel or pay exorbitant registration fees… if we think of information as power it’s a real game changer

Jane Bolitho, Australia

Thank you so much for this incredible offering.  I feel affirmed, energized, encouraged and inspired.  RJ around the world is happening, yahoo!

Laura Dafoe

The quality and variety of speakers was sensational .  I also appreciated that I could leave feedback on a presenter’s wall and read the feedback of others. The Chat Wall was almost like the chat over a cuppa at the break at a conference where important reflection time, sharing – and connecting with others occurs. It has been an amazing 10 days and my head is swirling with ideas but almost as important my soul has been fed. 

Jane Langley

An amazing eConference, with a great variety of speakers. It was a most enriching experience 

Upneet Lalli, India

Read Arti Mohan’s review of RJWorld 2020 “Reflecting on the Continuum” at the EFRJ blog

This was a space for people in different parts of the world to connect with restorative practitioners and academics of all levels of experience, including many people whose work I have deeply admired but never got a chance to engage with before.” 

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“Despite being a virtual event, the conference created space for dialogue and connection through the comments section and the live sessions.  The virtual nature of the event may have rendered it more accessible owing to the reduced investments needed by participants in terms of travel, finances, and time.  Participants could engage with captivating  speakers from the comfort and safety of their own homes/offices.”

It brought together world experts on a topic that really needs more air time within the general public. I think if these experts from different countries can unite to share information and work together constructively, it is much more powerful and in effect would help spread the word on RJ more rapidly throughout the globe.

Ailbhe Griffith

I think this has changed the face of international and probably national conferences!

Marg Thorsborne

Brilliant inspirational content. Spent the week fitting my life around all the powerful speakers. So much to take away.

Pamela Dillon

RJ world is a global RJ village, with a compendium of knowledge. It should be an annual event.

Professor Don John Omale

It was an amazing experience!

Dr Sandra Pavelka

I can’t say enough to express how well organized and truly informative I found this conference. I watched every presentation…  a widespread topic base, professionally presented, informative beyond any conference I’ve ever attended… Thank you for organizing it, I can’t believe how rejuvenated I feel and how much I’m taking away from this event.

Kristine Atkinson

I have learnt so much, my understanding and practice has definitely developed exponentially as a result. It was an amazing and very impactful experience, thank you!

Molly Macleod

I really like the variety this type of format. It gives so many voices the opportunity to be heard. 

Mark Rutledge

It was wonderful to have so many presenters in RJ world and because it was virtual it had it’s own advantage. 

Urvashi Tilak

I made wonderful connections with other speakers and met two people… that I have since Zoomed with so I am thrilled to have met new colleagues. I would love to do it all again. Thanks so much!

Leaf Seligman, Canada

RJ World would like to thank the many co-sponsors who made this groundbreaking event possible.