Rethinking Justice the Restorative way in India

India / Adult justice and prisons / Sexual offences / Legal and judicial

Bio: A Doctorate in Psychology and a qualified lawyer and human rights advocate. Presently Deputy Director at Institute of Correctional Administration, Chandigarh, India. Associated with training,policy making related to prisons and custodial justice, and gender justice issues. A member of the Global Advisory Council of Restorative Justice International. Personal and professional interest in reforming the criminal justice system in India, through the development of human rights and socially just practices combined with restorative justice.

Topic: Rethinking Justice the Restorative way in India The limitations and shortcomings of conventional criminal justice has led to a re-look and reassessment of the relationships between offenders, victims and the State in criminal cases in various jurisdictions across the world. This has sparked a growing interest in restorative justice. The author argues that a focus on mere retribution by the state against the offender further escalates the cycle of violence. There is a need to reshape the Indian criminal justice system into a more open, fair and victim-oriented system. Currently, Restorative justice is almost non- existent in the system. The presentation will discuss the various possibilities of initiating Restorative Justice at various stages of criminal justice system within the present legal framework. Suggestions for legal changes will also be given. The scope of restorative practices within the prison setting will also be explored.