Restorative Practice in Schools – For, or beyond behaviour management?

Some leading experts understand the restorative approach in schools as a great way to manage behaviour. Amongst those is David Vinegrad, a well experienced trainer and conference facilitator in teacher education with wide ranging experience with international and Australian schools. Laura Mooiman, an international educational consultant based in the Netherlands, will share the insights as a project director for the Wellness Program and PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support). The goal of PBIS, on which she will elaborate in her presentation, is to create “(…) systems and structures to prevent problem behavior, make students and staff feel safe, and shift staff mindset toward positive approaches to managing student behaviour.” If you want to learn more about this vision, check out her page:

On the other side, some pioneers claim that a restorative approach can only unleash its full potential when thinking beyond, or outside behaviour management. Michelle Stowe, a name mentioned the Blogpost “Culture Change Starts in Schools“, explicitly articulates her passion to move “(…) conversations beyond ‘behaviour management’ and towards growing relational learning communities. In her presentation, she will explore the concept of leadership as modelling. In her view, thinking restoratively informs “how we think, speak, share, listen, ask and show up, all day every day in our classrooms and beyond.”

Graeme George, like Michelle, regards Restorative Practice as a practice beyond its purpose to manage behaviour. He has been a teacher for 38 years and focusses on the “transformative element” inherent to a restorative mindset. He will illuminate what he calls a “(…) truly relational pedagogy around the school values, in which the community’s guiding values can be brought to life – and to bear – in the students’ and teachers’ lived experience.” If this sounds exciting, you can learn more on his Website RP for Schools!

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