Calling presenters!

RJ World 2020 is seeking inspiring presenters – facilitators / practitioners / teachers / researchers / artists – who are passionate about sharing insights and ideas in the realm of restorative justice and restorative practices in all sectors:

Criminal Justice / Youth Justice / Prisons Legal and Judicial / Environmental Justice / Victim support / Schools / Faith / Academic / Hate Crime / Extremism / Literature / Sexual Violence / Creative Arts / Training


4 thoughts on “Calling presenters!”

  1. I write and tell stories about conflict resolución, creative negtiation, mediation, consensus building both in Spanish and English. I have published a book of stories called “On the same side” and its versión in Spanih “Relaciones Creativas”. I have been posting a video telling a story a day during the pandemia in Facebook and LinkedIn under Francisco Ingouville. Ive been teaching and consulting for the last 28 years. Studied in Argentina and Harvard University.

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