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  1. We encourage presentations from all countries and fields. The RJ World website will have space for hundreds of presentations, so if you have something significant to say, we want to hear it!
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Review the streams below to focus your presentation.



Preparing, planting, nurturing, sprouting.
You have encountered the holistic paradigms of restorative justice and are beginning your local initiative. These speakers will prepare you for a sustainable, relational evolution in your organisation, school or community. Refine your restorative DNA, survive the growing pains, and nurture your initiative to fruition.



Evolving, maturing and internalising living practices.
Practitioners! Tune into the rhythms of the deeper restorative journey. Turn on to new research in neuroscience, culture, trauma, sociology, leadership, self care and innovation. Living justice, fuelled by international learnings, transcends abstract processes and programs to invigorate your group culture and personal resilience.



Engaging communities and institutions.
Policy, innovation and influence. Living justice is thriving in new contexts – environmental justice, sexual violence, the arts, employee disputes and hate crimes – adapting to diverse countries and cultures. Hear how thought leaders are transforming communities, institutions, governments and systems using sustainable, relational synergies.

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