Exploring the Concept of Permeability in Restorative Justice: A Presentation by Dr. Anamaria Oprea

In a recent presentation at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, Dr. Anamaria Oprea delved into the concept of permeability from a restorative justice perspective. As a Senior Lecturer in Social Work and an expert in restorative justice principles and practices, Dr. Oprea’s research focuses on how these principles can be transferred across various domains.

Drawing inspiration from her research conducted in Vermont, US, where she explored the application of restorative justice principles in child protection work, Dr. Oprea highlighted both theoretical understandings and practical aspects that organizations need to consider when implementing restorative justice practices.

The presentation was based on her extensive knowledge of social systems’ permeability and its relevance to incorporating restorative justice into daily work routines. By examining early prison studies and drawing upon the history of her home country Romania as well as McCold & Wachtel’s social discipline window framework, Dr. Oprea provided valuable insights for professionals working within criminal justice settings, social care services, education institutions, or communities.

One key aspect emphasized during the presentation was the importance of understanding how different organizations can integrate restorative justice as a new practice or more widely throughout their operations. This insight is particularly relevant for those seeking ways to promote social justice through education or human services.

Dr. Oprea’s expertise as a trained mediator further enriched her analysis by providing firsthand experience with accessibility and initiation processes involved in implementing restorative justice methods.

As part of her commitment to advancing knowledge about this topic among future professionals within criminology fields at De Montfort University (DMU), she also leads a dedicated module on restorative justice for undergraduate students.

Overall, attendees found this thought-provoking presentation highly informative and beneficial for anyone interested in exploring new approaches towards achieving social equity through innovative restorative justice practices. Dr. Anamaria Oprea’s research and expertise continue to contribute significantly to the field, inspiring professionals from various sectors to consider incorporating restorative justice principles into their work.

To learn more about Dr. Anamaria Oprea’s research and her valuable insights on permeability in restorative justice, visit De Montfort University’s website or reach out directly for further information.