Anooj Bhandari Explores Restorative Justice in Education at Conference Presentation

Anooj Bhandari, a transformative justice practitioner, delved into the concept of restorative justice in education, particularly focusing on creating alternative spaces for youth. Bhandari’s work, which spans across boundaries and borders, centers around the abolition of retributive tactics and the power of creative expression in communities

Having worked on restorative justice projects globally, including youth justice programs in India and Thailand, Bhandari brings a wealth of experience to the table. As the Restorative Justice Coordinator with Make the Road NY and a performer with the NY Neo-Futurists, he has witnessed firsthand the transformative potential of restorative justice

During the session, Bhandari explored personal shifts from a retributive to a restorative and ultimately transformative justice mindset, using a creative arts lens. He emphasized the importance of community education spaces as microcosms for larger society, highlighting how our intimate relationships can shape our perception of the structure of spaces where restorative justice is practiced.

This presentation was aimed at community educators of all kinds who are interested in restorative justice as praxis. Bhandari encouraged participants to view restorative justice as a framework for transformative systems change, cultivating a more liberatory future for youth

Overall, Anooj Bhandari’s conference presentation shed light on the significance of restorative justice in education and the potential it holds for creating inclusive and empowering spaces for young individuals.