Adam Voigt: Redefining School Culture with RP2.0

During his dynamic and thought-provoking presentation, Voigt aimed to establish a clear definition of school culture and introduce a methodology called RP2.0, which stands for Restorative Practices 2.0. RP2.0 focuses on three key leadership areas: language, conduct, and mindset. 

In terms of language, Voigt highlighted the impact of the words used by educators as a fundamental driver of school culture. He stressed the need for clear and concise communication, both in conflict resolution and instructional practices. 

Regarding conduct, Voigt proposed the implementation of a gradual and releasable approach to conflict resolution and instructional models. This approach would provide a structured framework for addressing conflicts and promoting a positive school culture. 

Lastly, Voigt discussed the importance of mindset in school leadership. He encouraged leaders to adopt a new perspective that breaks free from restrictive dogma and habits. By embracing a fresh mindset, leaders can effectively navigate the challenges of school culture and foster a positive learning environment. 

Overall, Voigt’s presentation offered a new frontier of school leadership, providing attendees with the tools and strategies necessary to build meaningful relationships and enhance student performance.