A Collaborative Journey Towards Restorative Practice in Education

In a recent joint presentation at RJ World Online, Deborah Mitchell and Les Hall demonstrated the power of collaboration as they shared their experiences with implementing Restorative Practice within their school community. With Mitchell’s expertise as an RJ specialist and Hall’s role as the School Principal, this dynamic duo showcased how a collaborative approach can foster long-term cultural change.

Over the past five years, Mitchell and Hall have worked tirelessly to keep their vision of Restorative Practice alive within their educational institution. They emphasized the importance of embedding this practice into every aspect of school life, seamlessly integrating it with other initiatives for maximum impact.

One key highlight from their presentation was investing in young leaders who may not traditionally be recognized for such roles. By valuing these students’ experiences, perspectives, and insights, Mitchell and Hall were able to empower them to take on leadership responsibilities related to Restorative Practice. Moreover, they focused on equipping these student leaders with skills that would enable them to pass on what they had learned about restorative justice principles to younger peers.

Mitchell and Hall also stressed their commitment towards using Restorative Practice as a means of addressing identity-related harm – both interpersonal conflicts and systemic issues like racism. They viewed Restorative Justice not just as a local movement but rather as one with global implications. As such, they encouraged young people under their guidance not only to apply restorative skills personally but also engage in community-building activities aimed at tackling environmental harms or promoting social justice causes – becoming visible global citizens making positive changes around them

The underlying theme throughout this enlightening presentation was sustaining a relational school environment where everyone feels valued while simultaneously fostering personal growth through understanding others better. The collaborative efforts between Deborah Mitchell (RJ specialist)and Les hall (School Principal) exemplify how working together can bring about transformative change within education systems worldwide.

As educators continue striving toward creating inclusive learning environments rooted in empathy and understanding, the inspiring journey of Deborah Mitchell and Les Hall serves as a guiding light. By embracing Restorative Practice, they have demonstrated how collaboration can pave the way for sustainable cultural change in schools – ultimately shaping future generations into compassionate global citizens.