FAQs for Presenters

First steps:

The deadline to submit your video presentation is March 15. You will need to upload your presentation to your own Youtube or Vimeo account. We will create a draft schedule in early March.

Get your early bird ticket. Tickets go on sale on February 1. Stay tuned for details or contact your co-sponsoring organisation.

Tell your friends! We are still building awareness about RJ World and you can help. Get your crew involved and ‘bring them along’ to watch your presentation

If you are new to online presentations you don’t need to be a ‘Spielberg’ – watch this simple tutorial on recording a presentation on your smartphone. Alternatively you can record a Zoom session.

How To Look Good on Video Calls
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How to Record a talk for Youtube

How do I get my video onto Youtube? If you have a Gmail or Google account. Simply go to the Youtube site and click on the upload icon on the top right of the menu bar. Here is a super simple video showing the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2gSYtsKa10

How do I get my video from my phone onto Vimeo? Here is a super simple video showing the process for uploading to Vimeo via your phone

Are you running a live Zoom Panel? Presenters are responsible to schedule and record sessions. You can schedule and invite people to a Zoom and we will add it to the schedule. We will begin scheduling in March.

How will we schedule the Zoom panels? When your application is approved, we will send you a request for your preferred date and time. Zooms will be grouped in specific time windows 1pm (London time), 6pm (London time) or 9pm (London time).

Where do I type my promo code when buying my ticket? Look for the blue link in the top left of the second screen.

How long should my presentation be? Presenters will share a 30-45 minute video or team-up with colleagues to record a zoom discussion of their topic.

How will people see my presentation? Each speaker will have their own space. It will feature an introduction and an embedded Youtube or Vimeo video. Visitors will be able to access the speaker’s slides via PDF, along with bio and social contacts. Listeners can send questions and interact through each speaker’s page. Each speaker can schedule Zoom or text chat gatherings.

I’m new to this format. Can you give some quick tips about how to record a talk for RJ World?

  1. Address your audience,  and introduce yourself in the beginning of the video and tell what your talk is about. You are also welcome to explain why you chose this topic or why you find it important or unique. You may also chose to invite a moderator to ask questions and/or engage into a conversation on your topic.
  2. Do not read a pre-written text. However, you may prepare bullet points for yourself and watch them on the same screen as you are recording. 
  3. You can use a video-conferencing application (Zoom, Jitsi Meet, etc.) to make recording, it allows you to see yourself and adjust any issues with the image. It might be strange at the beginning but you will get used to it. It also allows you to share presentation slides or images. Feel free to let Power Point behind and use a more engaging presentation application. With Prezi Video you and your presentation can be on the screen at the same time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvFffMKuqCs
  4. If you use a phone or camera, make sure the recorded image is in a horizontal position (landscape format) and the audio recording is good.
  5. Do not sit or stand between the source of light and the camera, otherwise your face will be in shadow. (For example do not sit in front of a window.)
  6. Make the recording in a silent environment. Even if the background noise seems distant for you in the live situation, on the recording it can be disturbing. 

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