Purchase tickets for RJ World from your participating organization by clicking on a link below. This will take you to their Eventbrite booking page. You don’t need to belong to any of the organisations to purchase. A percentage of the revenue goes to support these groups.

Early bird Ticket sales commence in January 2022

  • Restorative Justice International
  • Restorative Practices International
  • European Forum for Restorative Justice 
  • National Association of Community and Restorative Justice
  • South & Central America Coonozco
  • Swiss Restorative Justice Forum
  • The International Journal of Restorative Justice 
  • Restorative Practice Aotearoa
  • Peace of the Circle
  • Africa Forum for Restorative Justice
  • Resolution Institute, Australia and New Zealand
  • South Asian Forum for Restorative Justice
  • Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice
  • Asia Pacific Forum for Restorative Justice