Invigorate your restorative work and your passion, as we celebrate how the movement has matured – transforming people, communities and systems worldwide. This gathering is designed to energise you with new findings, ideas and research. As you hear stories from other cultures and contexts, you will connect to the diversity of peacemaking traditions to refresh your creative core.


Starting out in RJ? Prepare, plant, nurture and grow! You have encountered the holistic paradigms of restorative justice and are now planning your local initiative. Learn how to prepare you for a sustainable, relational evolution in your organisation, school or community. Presenters will explain how to refine your restorative DNA, survive the growing pains, and nurture your initiative to fruition.


Evolving, maturing and internalising living practices. Practitioners! Tune into the rhythms of the deeper restorative journey. Turn on to new research in neuroscience, culture, trauma, sociology, leadership, self care and innovation. Living justice,  fuelled by international learnings, transcends abstract processes and programs to invigorate your group culture and personal resilience and


Engaging communities and institutions. Policy, innovation and influence. Living justice is thriving in new contexts – environmental justice, sexual violence, the arts, employee disputes and hate crimes – adapting to diverse countries and cultures. Hear how thought leaders are integrating communities, institutions, governments and systems using sustainable, relational synergies.

Enjoy any or all of the learning streams in a private social net- work with group messaging and social sharing spaces. Pre-recorded videos are combined with daily Zoom panels in each stream. Live Zooms will be recorded and made available for the  remainder of 2022 along with all other videos.