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Restorative Justice Extra Credit: Spring 2008

  1. EXTRA CREDIT:Observe Morning Criminal Calendar in Yuma County Superior Court. (Tues, Weds, Thurs, or Friday starting at 8:30 am) Location: Yuma County Justice Center, 250 W. 2nd St. (leave cell phones & cameras in car).Write at least one (1) page on your impressions. What were the roles of defendants? Of victims? Who were the major players in the courtroom? (100 points for each court session)
  2. Observe a Community Justice Board conference & report your impressions of what you observed. What aspects were most effective for achieving restorative goals? What restorative goals were being achieved? What was least effective? What do you believe should be improved? What steps can be taken to achieve this improvement? How can this improvement be implemented with little or no added expense? (100 pts for each conference)
  3. Observe Drug Court Monday 3:00 pm and Friday 3:00 pm Write at least one page on your impressions. What restorative goals were being achieved? (100 pts for each court session)
  4. Attend Drug Court Graduation Friday Feb. 8 at 7:00 pm at Cibola High Auditorium. Write at least one page on your impressions. What restorative goals were achieved?
  5. Twelve Steps: Research the Twelve Steps applied to alcoholics, drug addicts and others. These steps have been applied to restorative thinking in the context of victim-offender mediation. Describe the history of the Twelve Steps, the different areas in which they have been applied and how they are restorative. Can you think of new ways to apply these Steps to restorative justice?
  6. Oral presentation of your research report (20 minutes)
  7. Participate in classroom role plays
  8. Attend tour of Arizona State Prison Complex Yuma (to be arranged by instructor)

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